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  • Baldwin Hardware - Classic - Privacy Door Knob with Rose in Satin Nickel Baldwin Hardware - Classic - Privacy Door Knob with Rose in Satin Nickel

    I wanted good quality satin nickel knobs to replace all the cheap gold knobs in the house I bought. I started with three of these Baldwin knobs to test them out.  Overall I am happy with them.  They are solid, heavy, and sensually smooth to the touch.  The installation was fairly easy, only some difficulty figuring out how to insert the spindle properly since the instructions are not clear on how to tell when it's inserted fully.  Also, the set screw to tighten the knob onto the spindle takes a LOT of force to get properly tight.  There's thread locker pre-spread on the screw threads that makes it very tight, so much so that the allen wrench they supply with the kit feels like it will break.  We had to call the support line to make sure we were doing it right and were told that yes, you have to really put a lot of force to the set screws to tighten them.  Use a socket wrench; much easier! One of the set's spindle was not quite machined to spec, and would not go through the latch; it was slightly too big.  My husband had to grind it a bit with some fine sandpaper in order to make it fit.  That was rather a pain, but it was only one out of three sets.  I suppose they would have sent us a new one if we had asked, but our method did work and was quicker than waiting!  I only wonder if these Estate line knobs are really worth so much more than the Reserve line.  They are both solid forged brass, so I'm not sure what the difference in quality is; I might try the Reserve next time, since they are about 25% less.  At any rate, I'm happy with these Baldwin knobs and will never go back to Schlage!  I plan to gradually replace all 20 of my doorknobs with Baldwin over time.


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