Emtek Hardware - Brass Classic Hardware - Passage Verve Door Knob And Wilshire Rose with Concealed Screws in Flat Black

  • Item # EMT-361269
  • Model # C8161VRUS19-2 3/4"
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  • Ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms or rooms where a locking mechanism is needed
  • Box Contents: Door lever/knob and chosen plates for both sides of door, latch mechanism, privacy spindle, privacy pin, full-lip strike plate and mounting screws

  • Ideal for closets, hallways or rooms where no locking mechanism is needed
  • Box Contents: Door lever/knob and chosen plate for both sides of door, latch mechanism, standard spindle, full-lip strike plate and mounting screws

    Emtek's new CF 2.0 is an improved platform that delivers a clean look with no visible screws on the interior rosette. Emtek handles are made from heavy weight materials, like bronze, requiring us to design robust return springs into our rosettes to support their weight. Improvements include:
  • Overall performance and durability
  • Straight forward and intuitive installation
  • CF is engineered with a return spring mechanism in a special housing. Eliminating sagging handles and improving responsiveness.
  • All CF Mechanism lever upgrades include a 28 degree latch, which requires less rotation to disengage the latch and open a door when compared to standard latches.

    CF Specifications:
    CF 2.0 now includes two cassettes that provide better performance and a similar hand feel on both sides of the door. Solid, articulating spindle design promotes an accurate installation. The standard door thickness range has also been improved to cover 1-3/8" to 1-3/4"

  • Length: 2 1/2"
  • Knob Width: 1 1/2"
  • Rose Length: 3"
  • Rose Width: 2 1/2"
  • Projection: 2 3/4"
  • Specs

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    Door Handing: 
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    California residents:
    see Proposition 65 information
    Vendor part numbers:
    Current: C8161VRUS19-2 3/4"
    C8161VRUS10B-2 3/4" C8161VRUS10B-2 3/8" C8161VRUS14-2 3/4" C8161VRUS14-2 3/8" C8161VRUS15-2 3/4" C8161VRUS15-2 3/8" C8161VRUS15A-2 3/4" C8161VRUS15A-2 3/8" C8161VRUS19-2 3/8" C8161VRUS26-2 3/4" C8161VRUS26-2 3/8" C8161VRUS3-2 3/4" C8161VRUS3-2 3/8" C8161VRUS3NL-2 3/4" C8161VRUS3NL-2 3/8" C8161VRUS4-2 3/4" C8161VRUS4-2 3/8" C8161VRUS7-2 3/4" C8161VRUS7-2 3/8" C8261VRUS10B-2 3/4" C8261VRUS10B-2 3/8" C8261VRUS14-2 3/4" C8261VRUS14-2 3/8" C8261VRUS15-2 3/4" C8261VRUS15-2 3/8" C8261VRUS15A-2 3/4" C8261VRUS15A-2 3/8" C8261VRUS19-2 3/4" C8261VRUS19-2 3/8" C8261VRUS26-2 3/4" C8261VRUS26-2 3/8" C8261VRUS3-2 3/4" C8261VRUS3-2 3/8" C8261VRUS3NL-2 3/4" C8261VRUS3NL-2 3/8" C8261VRUS4-2 3/4" C8261VRUS4-2 3/8" C8261VRUS7-2 3/4" C8261VRUS7-2 3/8"


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