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Discover a curated selection of gold-colored door hardware that effortlessly elevates the aesthetic of any space. From the subtle elegance of door knobs and levers to the functional beauty of door closers and bells, this collection showcases a variety of designs tailored to meet diverse preferences. Whether you're seeking a contemporary touch with knurled patterns or a traditional feel with smooth finishes, the range ensures there's something for every design palette. Notably, pocket door hardware in this hue adds a touch of luxury to space-saving solutions, while house numbers in gold make a statement right at the entrance. Door pulls, often an overlooked element, can transform the look of cabinets and doors, and in gold, they exude a timeless charm. Additionally, door knockers in this collection are not just functional but also serve as a piece of art, greeting visitors with style. For those who appreciate the finer details, door hardware accessories in gold can be the perfect finishing touch, seamlessly tying together the design elements of a room. The collection also boasts back-to-back handles, a testament to the versatility of the gold color in various hardware designs. Whether you're redesigning a space or looking for that perfect piece to complete your home's look, this gold door hardware selection promises quality, style, and a touch of luxury.

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  • Sex Bolts for DC4041 in Gold (4pc set) Deltana Hardware - Door Closers - Sex Bolts for DC4041 in Gold (4pc set)

    Not sure why you are advertising these as aluminum? A magnet sticks to these. These are not aluminum.

  • Round Floral Design in Antique Gold Vicenza Hardware - San Michele - Round Floral Design in Antique Gold

    We purchased a round Vicenza doorbell from Knobs4Less. It is beautiful. The Knobs4Less website had examples of each finish (as best you can do without seeing in person) and ordering from their site was easy. Since the doorbells are hand made to order, we had to wait a few weeks. The doorbell arrived on the early side of the time estimate, was wrapped well, had the correct screws and looks SO much better than the cheesy brass doorbell the Vicenza replaced. The doorbell seemed a bit pricey but when you see the detail of the design, the beautiful finish and feel the weight of it, it's worth it. The Vicenza doorbell is so nice, we sometimes worry someone might steal it! The doorbell is a quality product from a great company.